Several high-profile cases involving 'use of force' have some people wanting more accountability from police.

ACC Eastview campus in east Austin served as the place where local residents got a chance to voice their concerns and hear about use of force protocol.

Interim Police Chief Brian Manley and District Attorney Margaret Moore walked the community through the process of what happens after use of force incidents.

Some of the protocols include removing the officer from the scene and sending an investigator from the DA's office to the scene, which was a priority for Moore. The officer also has to answer a series of questions, then the investigation begins.

Manley said it is his goal to become more transparent with the community when it comes to use of force situations.

"Really, it is just ensuring that everyone in the department understands the philosophy of being as open and putting out as much information as we can to clear up this misunderstanding. So often times is where the mistrust for the distrust begins," Manley said.

Manley also said that every officer will go through Fair and Impartial Policing training by August, which will require officers to address their own biases.

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