SAN ANTONIO -- Law enforcement agencies across the U.S. are warning against a scary prank sweeping the nation.

This, after several sightings of clowns were reported on the East Coast.

Police do not think it's funny. In fact, it's become dangerous.

As of Saturday evening, the prank has found its way to San Antonio.

"He had a white face, red hair and teeth... Kind of like the clown from the movie, 'It'," said Juana Williamson.

Saturday evening, Williamson took a trip to the southeast side with three friends.

"It was supposed to be something to do to just follow tradition, just come out and cross over the tracks," she said.

It's an area frequented by many who follow a local urban legend.

The girls heard the ghostly tale familiar to many San Antonians about a group of children who died after a train hit their school bus at the intersection of Villamain and Shane roads.

The group arrived at the tracks for a scare, and boy, did they get one.

"[There was] a little bit of screaming, 'I can see a man! I can see a man! He's walking! Did you see the man?" said Catheline Huynh-Lam, who was inside the car with Williamson. She snapped a video right before the clown sighting as the car was moving toward the railroad tracks in neutral.

The girls said the train was stopped on the tracks. As their headlights peered at the train, that's when they spotted someone walking.

"He was walking from this direction and he just peeked underneath the train right over here," said Huynh-Lam, pointing behind a train wheel where the group said the clown appeared.

"He was walking slowly, and we were observing him. He ducked down, and he looked at us. So then I was like, 'Let's go,'" said Williamson.

The girls said they sped off.

"Everyone wants to be the scariest, and clowns are just scary. It's one of my biggest fears," said Savannah Saunders, store manager of Hocus Pocus Halloween Costume Shop.

They said young or old, it's hard to keep the creepy clowns on the shelves for more than a few days.

"Clowns have always been the top seller no matter what," said Saunders. "It's just a very popular costume, it's creepy and it's classic."

As for the group of girls, they believe the clown was someone just fooling around.

They said they plan to revisit the area soon, but during the daytime.

Several accidents have occurred at the intersection of the ghostly train tracks. It is not recommended that drivers put their car in neutral to cross the railroad tracks.