Officials are reminding citizens to be alert after a credit card skimmer was found on a gas station pump in South Austin.

According to a press release from the Texas Department of Agriculture, the skimmer was found at the Speedy Stop located at 1320 E Oltorf on June 8. Austin police removed the skimmer and inspected all of the fuel pumps at the gas station. Only one pump had a device.

The owners of the gas station were not aware of the skimmer and are not believed to be involved.


TDA searches for credit card skimmers during routine inspections of over 400,000 gas pumps across Texas. If a skimmer is found, they will contact local law enforcement to remove it and perform any necessary investigations.

If a gas pump credit card scanner appears to have been tampered with, notify the gas station attendant and pay inside. If you ever notice fraudulent charges on your account, contact your financial institution immediately.