Communities along Bluff Springs Road in Southeast Austin were hit hard in both the 2013 and 2015 floods, which is why many are heading out of the area ahead of incoming storms.

However, one family is choosing to stay put and said they're ready for whatever mother nature brings.

Mary Haugher has lived the corner house along Bluff Springs Road for the last 48 years.

She says it's in the perfect location.

“It's my home, I raised my children here,” she said.

But when severe weather rolls in, it turns into a danger zone.

In 2013 and 2015, the couple had to deal with constantly remodeling their two bedroom home after several feet of water seeped inside.

“You would think after going through two floods, you would think we would have enough sense at our age to move, but evidently we don't,” her husband Ralph said.

They've already cleared off their floor, keeping books and personal items away from possible water damage from Hurricane Harvey.

The couple was forced to switch out their rotten hardwood floors, along with giving their walls a new paint job and rewiring their electrical system.

"We have slate [flooring], it can't ruin anymore,” Mary added.

It’s the kind of work Ralph can do without.

“Had to do basically everything all over again. It's kind of like living in a new house.” He said. “I would move in a heartbeat if she would."

For Mary, the decision to leave is tough.

"If number three happens…I might,” Mary said.

The couple says if they have to evacuate they will. In the meantime, they’re hoping their home will survive the next round of storms.