On National Social Media Day, many think of the platforms as a way to post selfies, or vacation photos, but one local company sees it as a tool to help a small business -- or an individual -- grow.

Kristie and Elijah Whites are traveling the country in their RV.

"Sold our house, all of our stuff, bought an RV, and we're going to travel around the country. Sounds crazy,” Kristie said.

While sightseeing, the married couple is also working to help small businesses.

"We’re hoping that we can help save that small business, to get them online, to get them educated and to help them thrive,” Kristie said. "It's a new concept for a lot of these smaller businesses, they haven't really dived out of traditional media yet -- it is a completely new concept.”

They want to teach business owners how to market, digitally.

"They're like 'I don't know how to do that,' and they just back right off, so we think it can be simple if you're given a road map,” Kristie said. “It's to show them there is a way that marketing can be simple if you're given the right tools and resources, and that there's somebody that cares."

Richard Lindner, the co-founder and president of the company Digital Marketer works to provide that road map for individuals and businesses.

"I really believe trade schools are coming back,” said Lindner. "Where we're going to see these individualizations and specializations and trades is in marketing and specifically in digital marketing.”

He said digital marketing is like a modern trade, something you can get a certification in, not a degree.

"Instead of having your degree in marketing, you are a certified specialist in social media,” said Lindner. "I think trade now means area of specialization.”

At the company, they offer eight core subjects businesses can specialize in from social media, to analytics and data, to email marketing.

They’re all ways Linder said marketers can help small businesses grow.

"People find out about your company, your brand, your product, they engage with you online, before they make the buying decision,” said Lindner.

As for National Social Media day, Lindner said it’s a good time to reflect on the platform.

"It's great now to look back and say what was social media last year, two years, three years ago, different platforms, mainly people engaging one-on-one but now, over the last 3 to 5 years, businesses have really kind of adopted this,” said Lindner. "It’s not only how they make potential customers aware that they exist, but also how they engage with existing customers and keep top of mind."

Lindner told KVUE their company Digital Marketer is like a lab to help educate businesses owners and help train and certify people who want to go into digital marketing. He said it’s a field for anyone looking to switch careers and to be part of “something emerging.”

"This digital space is growing, it's going to become predominant, and there's lots of opportunity for everyone,” said Kristie Whites.

Maybe even you.

You can follow the Whites marketing journey on their blog here. And if you want to sign up for certification through Digital Marketer, check out the details here.