A section of Highway 71 near Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is raising some questions, so KVUE is getting you some answers.

If you're headed southbound on SH-130 toward ABIA, you should stay on the frontage road, do not take the Highway 71 toll road ramp, and here's why:

Drivers on the one-lane toll road can see the sign telling drivers the airport is one mile away, but legally only the drivers in the right two lanes can use that exit. Toll road drivers are technically stuck in the left lane due to a double white line separating the toll road from the other lanes.

When the airport exit comes up ahead on the right, traveling over the line is technically breaking the law.

KVUE reached out to TxDOT, they say they are aware of the problem

They are working on a correction that would take the double solid line away and replace it with a solid/dash combination line.

The dash will be on the toll lane side, the left lane, to give drivers notice that they can exit the toll lane; the solid line would remain on the non-toll side to give drivers notice that they cannot enter the toll lane.

So for right now, if you are driving from SH-130 southbound to the airport stay on the frontage road. We'll update you when we get a timeline for the lane repainting project.