Medical teams from CommUnityCare Health Centers and the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas announced Monday that they will be activating a medical clinic inside a newly opened warehouse space and shelter at 7000 Metropolis Drive beginning Friday afternoon.

According to a press release issued by CommUnityCare and Central Health, around six temporary rooms will be set up at the shelter. Four or five of them will be used for medical exams and care while the others will be utilized by Integral Care to provide behavior health support as well as case management services.

Central Health, a property-tax funded health care organization that helps fund 19 CommUnityCare Health Centers, said the the medical teams at the shelter will be made up of CommUnityCare providers, support staff and pharmacists, along with medical residents and faculty from Dell Medical School. Additional support may be provided if needed by a call for volunteers by the Travis County Medical Society.

The organizations said that the primary goal of the clinic will be to stabilize and then treat evacuees. Providers will decide if more serious health needs require emergency services personnel to transport evacuees to area hospitals. For those with chronic diseases, a chronic disease management program under the guidance of a a trained case manager will also be available.