The results of a survey released Tuesday showed many Austin residents believe the city needs more police officers, thinking the increase could help alleviate some of the city’s main crime issues.

The survey, released by the Greater Austin Crime Commission, showed support from all 10 city council districts. Around 75 percent of the approximately 1,900 respondents think more officers would help improve the Austin Police Department’s response, and around 84 percent said they think the city should add more officers immediately or in the next 3-4 years.

Previous studies done by city experts show Austin has a shortage of at least 100 officers when compared to other cities of similar size. City council members in the past few years have not added any new officers and have prioritized other projects.

David Roche, president of the Greater Austin Crime Commission, said in a statement, "The experts have spoken, and now the people of Austin have spoken too. We need more officers to prevent crime in our neighborhoods. We cannot fall behind on public safety, as we have with traffic and affordable housing in Austin. We are alarmed."

Residents from this survey also said they think this increase in police officers would help community and police engagement and start to alleviate issues such as the city's K2 problem downtown.

The Greater Austin Crime Commission said the survey included 1,909 respondents that were selected from registered voters. The margin of error in the survey was ±2.2 percent. TAP HERE for more information.