More than 600 people showed up to the Multiple Sclerosis walk in Round Rock Sunday in an effort to find a cure for the disease.

Walk Manager, Laila El-Far, said the walk grows every year.

Their hope is to raise $10,000 dollars from the walk and put that money toward their $130,000.

“This just means so much on a personal level and on a work level, just to see so many people out here in support, knowing that people are not alone living with this disease,” said El-Far.

Many walking were there to support friends, co-workers, and family members who battle the disease.
However, some who walked have also been diagnosed with MS.

Jaclynn Fuller was diagnosed three years ago and serves on the committee for the walk.

Fuller said she was overwhelmed by the support she’s seen the past few years.

“Family and friends mean the most because it's a very hard disease to live with sometimes, a lot of time, all the time,” Fuller said of her support system. “You see it in your friends and family that come out, and then people you don't even know, you know they're supporting somebody, and it's just really great to see that because it's something you have to have.”

For additional information and resources, visit the Walk MS website.