Clothing, diapers, even school supplies are among the items neighbors from near and far pulled together and hauled over to a packed warehouse on Reynolds Street in La Grange.

"It just says that there's hope in the midst of chaos," said Father Eric Hungerford of St. James Episcopal Church. He is also Chairman of the Board of the Second Chance Emporium, the city's old resale shop.

"The water had risen so high that all you could see was the roof of the shop, so we knew just from looking at that."

Water destroyed almost everything inside on Monday when the Colorado River crested at 54 feet, the highest level in more than 100 years.

Property loss will likely total in the millions of dollars.

"Immediately after the flood happened, we pretty much saw a need for clothing," said Christyna Fitzpatrick.

On Monday, she and her friend Laurie Krupala created the "Helping Hands 4 LGTX After Harvey" Facebook page.

"Within an hour it's like 150 people. Within four hours it's 500 people, and within 24 hours it was 1,500 people and we were like 'Oh my gosh,'" she added.

The pair worked with Father Hungerford, area churches and food pantries to reopen the resale shop in this enormous space.

It is filling up pretty fast, thanks to people from as far away as Dallas and Burleson County.

"We at one point had 8 to 10 cars waiting in line just to donate and it was just amazing."

If you would like to help, click here.