Central Texas communities have largely escaped the wrath of Hurricane Harvey. But for those who did not -hundreds of people are now without homes - left to lean on each other to rebuild.

First responders rescued about 75 people from homes and apartments along the Colorado River, which crested at 48 feet in Columbus around noon on Tuesday.

Many of those who lived by the river for decades said they were shocked to see how high it climbed and are now wondering when it will recede.

Donald and Travis Busselman have checked on their cattle every few hours for the past few days. A small group of them are stranded in a submerged pasture in Columbus.

"There's still some dry land back there, so they're hanging in there," Busselman said.

The pair estimated that their 30-acre farm filled with water in 18 hours.

Several residents said they will have to repair extensive damage to their homes before they can return.

All of those rescued from flooded apartments are safe and are hoping to come back soon.