The cold weather heading towards Central Texas could be a life-threatening danger for some of the most vulnerable in our community, those who are homeless.

"It would be life threatening to be on the streets on these freezing nights, and so this collaboration is lifesaving,” said Jan Gunter with Salvation Army Austin.

The Salvation Army is just one of the organizations involved in the cold weather shelter plan. They're all teaming up to make sure no one has to sleep outside on these cold nights that are quickly approaching.

According to Gunter, when the temperature hits 32 degrees, or if it's 35 degrees and wet, the city activates the cold weather shelter.

Families can stay at the Salvation Army shelter, while single men and women are bussed to local churches.

Gunter said the coalition can provide beds for about 400 people on a cold night.

"A beautiful illustration of coming together to insure that the people who are most vulnerable, and on a cold night there's no one more vulnerable than a person experiencing homelessness, so that those people are well cared for,” said Gunter.

At the Salvation Army shelter, they can house about 250 people, and have a full shelter almost every night.

On cold nights, they have extra mats that allow them to sleep about 30 to 40 more people.

If you want to donate coats, hats, gloves or any cold weather gear, the Salvation Army is happy to collect and distribute those at their downtown shelter.