Code compliance is at a South Austin complex after flagstone came crashing down the wall of the three-story condo community.

When the stone on the side of one of the walls came down a the Flagstone Terrace Condominiums off of William Cannon Drive at around 6:45 a.m., one resident said he initially thought it was an earthquake.

"I just heard this horrible sound," said Alex Hill, the tenant. "Over the course of about six seconds it sounded like a freight train crashing into the roof of the building and then falling off the side."

The head of his bed sits up against the wall affected by the crash.

"It looked like a sheriff who knocked on my door and I asked him if he thought it was a safe environment. He said he couldn’t determine whether or not it was a safe environment but if it was his family, he wouldn’t feel safe living here," Hill said.

Hill told KVUE the last time this happened at the complex, it broke windows out in the neighboring apartments. He's concerned not only for the safely of those living on the bottom floor, but also for anyone outside near the wall if it happens again.

Representatives of the apartment complex told KVUE no one was hurt and that they are working to repair the old building.