Korbin Springer, a former classmate of Kendrex White's -- the student accused of stabbing and killing another student on campus Monday -- talked to KVUE following the violent spree.

KVUE's Brandon Jones spent about an hour with Springer, who said he's hurt by everything that happened Monday. Springer said he met White this semester in their biology class. He said it seemed that everything was okay with White.

Springer said things changed about a month ago when White stopped coming to a few classes they had together.

Springer said White came back to school about a week ago, saying he was depressed and that he had been arrested for allegedly driving while intoxicated. When White told Springer about the incident with police, he said that he was not drunk, but was suffering from seizures.

Springer said that when he saw the photo taken of White moments after the stabbing, he could not believe it was him.

"I'm still shocked, it hurts in my gut," he said. "I don't know why or how to feel. There is some numbness -- some shock. I'm still waiting to wake up from a bad dream. It's unbelievable. I talked to this man. I looked him in the face -- had conversations with him."

Springer made several posts on Twitter telling people about White. There have been mixed reactions to those tweets.

Springer is one of many students trying to get a vigil or service planned for the victims.