While the snowy Austin weather may be beautiful, the freezing temperatures can be deadly and dangerous to those without shelter.

When the temperatures are going to drop below freezing, or approach freezing with wet weather, the City of Austin will initiate the Cold Weather Shelter Plan.

It's a coordinated effort between the city, Cap Metro, the Salvation Army and the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless (ARCH).

Anyone needing shelter can go to the ARCH downtown where Cap Metro buses will pick them up and take them to a shelter for the night.

"This is very important," Trey Nichols with the ARCH said. "Hypothermia is a real issue. Even in Texas. It's going to be cold tonight and if someone is outside and they don't have a blanket and they're in the elements, that wind can be tough, you know, it can be devastating."

While shelters have been made available, the ARCH said they can always use donations of blankets and warm clothing to hand out as well.

For more, check their website by clicking here.