The City of Austin is working to revise their land development code, which hasn't been updated since the mid-80s despite Austin's massive growth.

City leaders are calling the plan to revise the code "CodeNEXT" and say it could be the most powerful tool to harness growth within the city. They say CodeNEXT will deal with some of Austin's biggest challenges including housing, mobility, job creation and sustainability.

There was a meeting Wednesday night to discuss the current code and what needs to change moving forward.

During the meeting, the land development code advisory group (CAG) presented their thoughts on the city's current code. They found the code has several issues including ineffective base zoning districts, very few opportunities to provide affordable housing options and high-density auto dependency.

These findings will help set the priorities for drafting future code language. City leaders say that in the coming months there will be several steps taken to properly draft the code.

The next meeting to discuss CodeNEXT will take place November 16.