From novices to national competitors - everyone hit the track Friday night in Pflugerville to help a sport grow.

BMX riders of all levels met at Central Texas BMX for a Olympic Day, a celebration of the sport's recognition in the Olympics.

13-year-old Christian Dyke was among Friday night's riders. He was introduced to the world of BMX racing five years ago.

"It was Christmas, and from Santa, I got a BMX bike. And I was like 'oh, cool what is this? It's a cool bike!' Dyke said.

Thanks to St. Nick - Dyke had a bike.

But when a nearby track closed, he was forced to travel to San Antonio to practice - until Central Texas BMX was built.

"Once this track was built, I started coming here and racing a lot more often," he said.

His hard work is paying off.

Dyke has competed in events in Tennessee, Louisiana, New Mexico - and all throughout the state.

On the other end of the spectrum, Logan Crawford first got into the sport when he was a teen, but took off nearly 30 years before deciding to jump back in.

"I came out to the track, and I've always loved BMX, it's a great way to get fit. And I came out and I was just going to practice," Crawford said.

His plan changed when a fellow rider asked his age - 42.

"He was like you're in one of the most competitive classes in all of BMX. So I started racing again," he said.

Now 51, Crawford is still hooked.

He's encouraged that younger riders are getting involved because one day it could be a rider here - a rider just like Christian - in the Olympics.

"That's one of my biggest goals, to just go out to the Olympics and compete for my country," Crawford said.

From a dirt track to the world stage - one jump at a time.

"When the sport became an Olympic sport in 2008 in Beijing it was just a whole other level for us," explained Jason Crouch, President/CEO of Central Texas BMX. "And it’s just an amazing ride for our sport and we’ve seen the growth, and we’re very proud to be able to represent the USA in another sport."

On Saturday, Central Texas BMX will host a fundraiser for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Learn more about the track here.