This month is Women's History Month, where we remember and celebrate the role women have had in American history.

But one Cedar Park woman is sharing the stories of unsung heroes.

She calls it the "365 Wow Women Challenge,” where she meets a new woman every day and posts her story on Instagram.

From baristas, to bartenders, to high school students, Lori Cline is chronicling the lives of seemingly ordinary women.

"For somebody to just come and say hello, I think really can lift a spirit,” said Cline.

Wednesday, she met Jaymi. Listening intently, Cline found out Jaymi worked as a mental health social worker for 10 years and is recently taking some time off.

Cline said she just wants to share what is special about people.

“We just see ourselves as being just a mom or just an engineer, just a wife,” said Cline. “Sometimes we forget we have special qualities about ourselves.”

Cline said it could be as simple as being a mom.

“What's the legacy and the history you're leaving for your children?"

Cline was inspired by this man from Seattle – doing something similar.

In her own challenge, she has met some extraordinary women, like "J" who didn't want her picture taken – but recently lost everything.

"When we were parting ways she was crying, and I had tears in my eyes,” Cline said. “And she said ‘you just don't know how much I needed this today.’”

Lori Cline said she hopes to bless people but sometimes –

"By doing this challenge and by meeting all these 'Wow Women,' I have experienced as much or more of the blessing,” she said.

Cline started the challenge on her birthday. On Friday she will have met 50 new women.