Cedar Park city officials are calling for an outside review of the police department's policies and procedures after strong criticism in the Greg Kelley case.

Approximately 30 Cedar Park police officers along with members of the public and Kelley's family attended the city council meeting to discuss the performance of the police department in response to the investigation into sex assault claims against Kelley.

Kelley was convicted in 2014. Last week, during a hearing seeking to overturn Kelley's conviction, a Texas Ranger testified and said investigators didn't do a number of things while investigating the case -- including identifying other adults in the house and investigating whether someone else may have committed the crime.

Cedar Park Mayor Matt Powell had an executive session behind closed doors with Police Chief Sean Mannix. The council took comments from the public. A few residents asked the council to fire Chief Mannix and Sgt. Chris Dailey. Kelley's mother echoed the request.

Mayor Powell said he and council members do not handle any personnel besides the city manager.

Some, including the president of the Cedar Park Police Association, Kristy Whitely, spoke in support of the department.

"Our chief is an outstanding leader. He supports not only the police officers in our department but he supports our community, our citizens and multiple other people throughout the state," Whitely said.

Mannix has stood by the department's work in the Kelley case.

Around 8:45 p.m., the city council moved to direct the city manager and city attorney to recommend how the city should move forward with an outside review.

The next step will be for the city manager and city attorney to provide a recommendation.


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