Security footage appears to show a delivery driver stealing a tip jar from Terry Black's BBQ.

Employees told KVUE the man was talking to them about tips he gets as a Favor runner right before the footage shows him snatching the jar.

A security camera, about six feet from the tip jar, shows the young, blonde man look right then left before taking the tip jar and placing it in his bag.

Terry Black's BBQ owner Mark Black said the man came into pick up an order at 6:40 p.m. Monday.

"He looked around and smoothly took it off the counter and put it in his favor bag," Black said. "I guess he didn't realize it's 2017 and there's [sic] cameras everywhere".

Black estimates the jar was filled with about $200.


"We know exactly what he looks like, the credit card he used, when he was working, what he got, everything like that, but we don't know his name," Black said.

Favor isn't giving up its employee's name. They sent KVUE the following statement:

"The Runner's actions were completely unacceptable and do not reflect the values of Favor or the Runner community. While Runners operate at their own will, as independent contractors, we have zero tolerance for theft and immediately deactivated this particular Runner from our platform. We are actively working with APD to fully support their investigation and Terry Black's to do everything we can to make right by their staff."

Black would like to resolve the issue without police.

"Come down and make it right, man," Black said. "Like I said, I mean, he could come and give some money to us and he could apologize to the employees with a little gift and would be good to go. I'd be happy."