When Rudy Mejia got home Monday, it was the absence of something expected that gave him pause.

He'd received an alert from his smart-doorbell that a package was dropped off, but when he got home it wasn't there.

"My first thought," Mejia said, "was one of my neighbors picked up our package, secured it at home and was gonna wait for us to get home to deliver...My second reaction is that someone had stolen it."

Unfortunately, he learned that his second reaction was right, but fortunately, his neighbor's security camera caught the theft.

It shows a Ford Flex pull into his neighborhood complex. A person gets out, eyes Mejia's porch and runs over to it. The person grabs a box, runs back to the car and the vehicle drives off.

Mejia owns men's clothing company Rudy Ruben and said that the box contained a couple suits and dress shirts he'd made for veterans in San Antonio.

"Fortunately we can replace those items," Mejia said. "My heart goes out to those who don't have the means to replace stolen goods."

According to InsuranceQuotes.com, Mejia is now one of more than 23 million Americans who've had packages stolen off their property.

Experts with UPS and BestBuy are working this Holiday season to prevent the same from happening to others and had these tips for shoppers this year.

More than half of Americans plan to shop online this holiday. That means millions of packages will show up on doorsteps across the country through New Year’s Eve.

Security experts are already warning that deliveries may be vulnerable to thieves who, like Grinch, can steal the joy of giving by cleverly picking off your packages.

Fortunately, there are many options to help your deliveries safe – here are just a few:

  • Major delivery companies like UPS will send you updates via text and email on the status of your deliveries, and even enable you to reroute your packages to another delivery destination, such as a neighbor or local retailer conveniently located near your home.
  • You also can have your packages delivered for pick up at your local Best Buy store.
  • The latest connected home security solutions help you monitor and control what’s happening outside your front door from wherever you are. They connect to your smartphone so you’re able to watch what’s going on even when you’re not home.