SAN ANTONIO -- Career Point College students have reported the school system took out loans under their name without notifying them.

On Sunday, Career Point College announced its sudden closure.

President and CEO Larry Earle said in a notice that three employees violated rules related to student aid funds. The Department of Education restricted government funds and the college was forced to close its doors.

Dianna Rawe said while she's devastated her school no longer exists, she's having to figure out how to remove loans from her account that she never signed up for.

Rawe said she reviewed her financial aid online and discovered three extra loans, totaling $22,000 were taken out in her name. She also said she found that payments she made on another loan were never submitted to her loan company.

"Some of us get stipend checks, which every month, we either cash them or pay them ourselves. Or we cash them and sign them over to the school. And there were three payments that are missing that I paid," Rawe said.

On a Facebook page created by former Career Point College students, dozens of people reported that they experienced a similar problem.

The U.S. Department of Education has options available for students who need their loans dismissed.

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