A lot can happen in three years: Getting married, having a child, maybe electing a new president. However, reuniting with a lost pet rarely makes the list.

Defying those odds, a mysterious cat called Stark was found wandering a few weeks ago by a good Samaritan in Austin, the Austin Animal Center reports. When she brought him in to be scanned for a microchip, his implant revealed some interesting info.

Stark the cat was from Pomona, California, and his owner, who has since moved to New Mexico, said he went missing way back in 2014.

Stark’s finder said that how he managed to travel from Pomona to Austin -- about 1,350 miles -- will remain a mystery, but nonetheless his owner is very excited to reunite with him.

Luckily enough, the finder said they have a friend flying to New Mexico on July 3 and managed to secure a pet ticket for Stark, who will be delivered back to his owner.

In case you may have a pet with wanderlust like Stark, here’s a friendly reminder that the Austin Animal Center provides free microchipping and ID tags for Travis County residents.