The Austin Police Department said starting Wednesday, it is stepping up patrol units in a North Austin neighborhood after receiving calls of vandalism.

People in the Wooten neighborhood – off Burnet Road near Highway 183 – say teens from Burnet Middle School have been damaging property – and doing so more frequently.

Greg Barrington said he has had his yard vandalized a handful of times in the past few weeks.

He has lived on Putnam Drive for decades and said the teens' activity has become rowdier over the last several years.

"They're tearing up plants and they're knocking on doors and scratching cars,” said Greg Barrington.

He said his neighbor’s car was damaged.

"Our neighbor had his truck, the paint scratched off of his truck -- scratched off with rocks and sticks," said Greg Barrington.

His wife, Karen Barrington, said she welcomes the extra patrols to ensure public safety.

"I just don't want to see anybody get hurt,” she said. “Whether it's the kids or the people that live here."

Austin police have received four vandalism-mischief calls from neighbors here in the past week.

The department encourages everyone in the city to report to them any suspected crime they think is happening in their neighborhood