What would you do if you turned on your faucet and your water was brown?

Aaron Spivey-Sorrells and his family live in the Stonewater Subdivision in Manor. The daily routine of getting the kids ready seemed to go as planned until Spivey-Sorells' wife decided to turn on water in the bathtub Wednesday.

"I couldn't believe it. My family and I were looking at brown water coming from the faucet," Spivey-Sorrells said.

Spivey-Sorrells says Brown Water came out of every faucet in the home. Spivey-Sorrells the city of Manor gave them no warning about what was going on.

"When you turn the water on, it's not supposed to be brown. Your suppose to be able to drink it. We want an explanation," Spivey-Sorells said.

Tony Graf, general manager of Manville Water Supply, which is the company contracted by the city of Manor for water service, sent a statement to KVUE about this situation.

Graf said mineral deposits in the lines caused the discoloration and all efforts to alleviate the issue are being taken.The statement also says test results show the water is safe to drink.

Thursday crews from the Manor water department flushed lines in Spivey Sorrell's area.

Manor City Manager Tom Bolt says the city will do its own water sampling to ensure safety as well.

But for Spivey-Sorrells, this still isn't enough.

"My family is not drinking this water," Spivey-Sorrells said.

The City of Manor responded to complaints by residents with the following statement:

The City of Manor seeks to clarify issues related to the discoloration of water in the Stonewater Subdivision. Most importantly, while the water had a brownish tint starting on Thursday, February 25th and lasting through Friday, February 26th, at no time was the water unsafe for consumption by our residents.

After receiving initial complaints on Thursday February 25th, the city immediately collected water samples for evaluation. The results of those tests indicated that the water contained no harmful contaminates. In addition to the water samples, the City of Manor flushed the water system to push any sediment from the system. The water flush was a secondary step to guarantee removal of any remaining constituents that caused the water discoloration.

We will continue to work with our water providers in order to reduce inconvenience and concern to our customers in the future. To that end, we extend our apologies to our valued customers for any unnecessary concerns caused.

If you have further questions please visit the City of Manor webpage at Cityofmanor.org for contact information.