Imagine your friend asks you to be a bridesmaid. You'd be happy, right? Now imagine she demands that you buy a $500 bridesmaid dress, take part in three spa days, do tight-deadline research projects and chip in to pay for her bridal gown. What would be your reaction?

A KVUE producer found a blog post entitled "My bride-to-be mate just crossed a fundamental friendship line" about a bride making these exact demands of her bridesmaid.

KVUE went to 'Once Upon A Bride' in South Austin to see what kinds of demands the brides or bridesmaids there had heard. The manager, Amy Gutierrez, has worked in the wedding industry for 15 years. She's seen friendships fall apart during the course of planning a wedding.

"What I think people need to remember is that, it's a wedding and this is a time about celebrating love," Gutierrez said. "Love to your friends, love to your family, love to your significant other. A lot of that gets lost along the way with the stress of planning a wedding and it's unfortunate."