A 3-year-old boy gets to rest a little easier after he was reunited with his stuffed rabbit that was lost in a Round Rock H-E-B.

According to Ashley Inglet Sanchez's Facebook post, 3-year-old Noah has not gone to sleep without his stuffed rabbit, "Rabby," in over two years. Rabby is essentially a part of their family and has even ended up in some family pictures, she said.

On Dec. 8, Sanchez and Noah went to the H-E-B on Ranch to Market Road 620 and O'Connor Drive to shop for an upcoming Christmas party. Sanchez was unloading the groceries into the car when she realized her son's friend was missing from the basket. They looked around, but Rabby was nowhere to be found.

The mother and son put their groceries in the car, and then went back into the store, determined to find Noah's furry little friend. Sanchez talked to the floor manager, the business center and even retraced her footsteps, but it was all to no avail. The family left their name and number in hopes that someone would contact them if they found Rabby.

With great difficulty, Sanchez was able to convince her son they had to head home. She then decided to post a picture of Rabby on the Facebook group, 'People of Round Rock' and on her personal pages. Since Rabby was extra special to their family, Sanchez's husband and daughter helped them go back to H-E-B for the second time to retrace their steps. Unfortunately, the Sanchez family had to head home empty handed.

Later that night, Sanchez received a message that changed everything. A woman had seen her post, and showed it to her husband who worked at H-E-B. He drove back to work to turn it in to the floor manager, Lisa. Lisa then offered to drive across town to deliver Rabby back to his family.

Dressed in H-E-B gear, Rabby was returned to his family with a story of all the fun things he did at H-E-B while he was lost.

"Tell (Noah) Rabby had a great adventure at H-E-B," the employee texted Sanchez. "He helped in the deli, rode on a pallet jack, helped check out customers and was a Buddy Buck instant winner! He'll be glad to be home so he can rest after all that hard work. Rabby was a great partner and we will miss him."