The City of Sunset Valley said tests on their water have come back clean after a boil water notice was issued for for customers of its public water system.

The notice was posted on the city’s website on May 3 due to an emergency water line repair, and included the Marketfair Center, Home Depot, Academy, Pier One, Wendy’s, Luby’s and the Grand Reserve. The city told KVUE early Friday afternoon that tests from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality came back and the water was safe to drink.

During a boil water notice, affected residents and businesses are advised to bring water meant for drinking water or human consumption to a vigorous rolling boil for two minutes to ensure destruction of all harmful bacteria and other microbes. People can also purchase bottled water or obtain it from other suitable sources.

People with questions or concerns can contact Sunset Valley Operations Manager Joshua Ronson at 512-891-9103 or Sunset Valley Utility Superintendent Daniel Pepin at 512-891-9103.