After an almost three-month hiatus, Blue Starlite Drive-in has officially reopened at their new location at 12419 Lowden Lane.

Co-owner of Blue Starlite, Josh Frank, explained that the move was necessary due to the Mueller development's expansion into their former location in northeast Austin.

He said the new spot was picked because of its proximity to local businesses, quieter atmosphere and because they wanted to keep the location in Austin city limits.

"I had to find something not just equal to that space but better," he said. "We're taking that urban vibe we've had for seven years, that classic vintage vibe and infusing it into this classic drive-in setting."

In addition to all their old features, the new location has more space, a new fire pit and seating area as well as new bathrooms to replace older porta-potties.

Frank said their goal is to take that nostalgic feeling of going to a drive-in and bring it up to 2017.

"The drive-in was always about freedom," he said. "the kids went because they could be free there. They had their car, which was like their home and all their friends came along and there was a freedom to that...I think folks are going to drive out and say I've never done anything like that before."

To see a list of their show times and to buy tickets, check their website