An Austin man has been reunited with his pair of $10,000 glasses.

The glasses allow Nick Flores, who is partially blind, to see clearly. His eSight capture everything he looks at and allows him to zoom in on what he wants to see. After leaving his glasses on a city bus last week, the Austin Community College student thought he'd never see them again.

But Monday, David Schumaker called the KVUE newsroom to say that he had them.

"When I seen them on the news last night, I thought what a lucky man he is," Schumaker said. "He's going to get his glasses back."

ORIGINAL STORY: Austin blind man missing glasses worth thousands

Schumaker said he bought Flores' glasses from a homeless man last week.

"He needed some money and he had no use for them anymore," Schumaker said. "I thought it was a VR reality set, so I took a chance and asked him what he wanted on it."

Schumaker said he bought the glasses for $15. Shortly after he purchased them, he realized they were not VR glasses. Until last night when he watched KVUE's newscast, he didn't know what they did exactly.

"I mean I have kids so if anything like that were to happen to one of my kids or grandkids I'd want them to get their stuff back," Schumaker said.

"That goes a long way," Flores said.

Flores is now seeing the world clearly once again.

This time with a new friend by his side.