The Black Friday frenzy has ended, but some shoppers told KVUE they prefer avoiding the big crowds.

“We’re not your crazy late night shoppers, we’re kind of the aftermath,” said Abby Garcia, shopper at Round Rock Premium Outlets.

The shoppers said they would rather sleep in and shop later in the day. Despite missing the door busters, many of them were proud of what they found, talking about getting deals up to 50 percent off.

“It was like half off for a 55-inch Sharp Smart TV,” said Zak Sokoloski, shopper at Best Buy.

Some shoppers were even from out-of-state.

“It’s not like California at all, it’s very mellow and everyone’s nice and no one is punching each other and trampling each other, so it’s good, actually,” said Margot Cuero, shopper from California.

As for the most popular item of the list, most shoppers told us they were looking for TVs. Some had their shopping plan all laid out, while others chose to as they put it, “wing it!”

Many retailers are staying open until 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday, so Black Friday shopping is far from over.