A bill meant to stop the practice of passing teachers who have inappropriate relationships with students from district to district is headed to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to sign.

"We have a problem with this in society," said state Sen. Paul Bettencourt (R-Houston). "We've had a 43 percent increase in one year. The reports are coming in from media all over the state."

Those reports are also highlighting an alarming problem, referred to as "passing the trash." It's the common practice of educators who resign from a school district after being accused of an improper relationship with a student, only to be hired by another district.

"You can have a problem in one school district with an educator and they can literally go to another school district," Bettencourt added.

Senate Bill 7 was filed by Bettencourt to stop the practice. The Texas Senate voted Monday to concur with the House of Representative's amendments to SB 7. The bill is now headed to Gov. Abbott's desk.