Day two of the Formula One Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas proved how much of a team effort the race really is -- especially when it comes to helping out drivers.

On Saturday, we spoke to a tech manager who gave us a little behind-the-scenes look at how they operate.

David Tsurusaki, with Exxon Mobil, oversees the fueling needs. He said everything they do is customized to fit the Red Bull racing car.

His job is to look at ways to increase speed, that could mean reducing the friction or improving the hydraulics. This could make the difference of a half a second, which is critical when it comes to qualifying -- making it into the big race.

"The Exxon products that you buy at a service station are that much better because we are in motor sports, same thing with our Mobil 1 lubricants, we make them," said Tsurusaki. "If we can make it in a Mobil 1 race car, we can surely do it in your consumer car."

Aside from the race, fans also were able to get some one-on-one with drivers in autograph sessions, plus see a live performance from Justin Timberlake, who closed out the event.

Fans will get to have one more day of music with Stevie Wonder on Sunday.