About a month ago, Rahsaan Abel underwent surgery to repair his misaligned spine, which caused him immense pain and forced his spine to bend to the right.

Before the surgery provided by surgeon Matthew Geck at Dell Children's Hospital, the 16-year-old saw visible deformations in his posture and stood neck and neck with his father, Desmond. Now, only a few short weeks since the surgery, he stands several inches over him.

SpineHope, an Austin-based nonprofit that matches doctors in the U.S. with children in developing countries in need, posted the photos Monday on Facebook, in which the progress can be seen.

"See the 'before and after' Rahsaan Abel, as well as the AMAZING medical team that made the 'after' possible for this exceptionally kind, tough and determined young man," the group wrote. "At 16, he has handled his condition and corrective spine surgery at Dell Children's Medical Center like a champ. He is recovering quicker than most and is focused on being a good patient. We are all proud of him!"

Abel, who traveled to Austin from Guyana for the surgery, underwent complex scoliosis reconstruction in September.