Texas' Special Session has US Quidditch fans holding their brooms before the golden snitch is released in Round Rock.

USQ released a statement stating its "concern" about Texas' House Bill 2899, which would regulate which restroom transgender individuals use.

"We are very excited to bring the Cup to Round Rock next spring, and we have been working with all of our partners in Texas to make sure that they are aware of our concerns regarding House Bill 2899 and any other related legislation," USQ said in a statement.

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Currently, USQ's Quidditch Cup 11 tournament is planned to be held in Round Rock in April 2018, but the group doesn't believe HB 2899 or any related legislation matches their mission to "build a community and empowering all genders to compete together." Which puts Round Rock and the state of Texas in jeopardy of losing the tournament location.

In the meantime – USQ said they are continuing their planning efforts with the City of Round Rock, but has backup plans in place.

"We fully intend to proceed with holding US Quidditch Cup 11 in Round Rock, and have begun the event planning process in conjunction with our partners there," USQ said. "However, we also want to make sure to be deliberate in our decision-making as we await the outcome of the special session."