A simple security camera helped lead the Bastrop County Sheriff's Office straight to a pair of alleged burglars in Cedar Creek.

Deputies said they responded to the residence on Highway 21 in Cedar Creek July 31. A homeowner told authorities he had captured two people on surveillance video breaking into his home by kicking down the door.

"The first time he kicked it he fell on his butt," one of the homeowners, Stacey Croft, explained. "And then he kicked it three more times and finally made it through, then the alarm sounded. He was in three minutes and gone."

The burglars did not seem to notice Spike, the Croft family's 8-year-old Shorkie, getting into their vehicle.

As they left the house with Spike and a television, Croft's husband got an alert from the alarm company on his phone and watched it all unfold. He then called her to let her know Spike was gone.

"I just panicked, we put flyers out and started posting on Facebook and then we got some leads."

Investigators were able to identify the burglars as Randy Rodriguez, 26, and Britny Mancini, 26. Police obtained a search warrant to search their property and get Spike Tuesday morning.

"They said when they came in the kids opened the back door and Spike ran out to them," Croft added.

"The police beat us here," Croft said. "So when we got out of the vehicle he came running to me and my daughter and he was so excited and we just couldn't stop loving on him."

Croft says great police work combined with security cameras helped give her story a happy ending.

"We are gonna get more dogs, but my husband doesn't know it yet," Croft added.

Both Mancini and Rodriguez are being held in the Bastrop County Jail on $100,000 bonds.