A 38-year-old babysitter is accused of physically abusing an 18-month-old child who suffered bleeding to the brain and a fractured shoulder.

When the child's grandmother picked him up from Ashley Crabtree's South Austin residence on Nov. 19, 2015, she said he "wasn't acting like himself." She described him as lethargic and said his hands were cold. The boy's eyes then rolled back as she walked him to her car, and she took him back to the baby sitter's residence to find out if anything happened to him.

While the two were talking, the boy stopped breathing, so Crabtree performed CPR while the grandmother called 911.

The boy's mother joined him at Dell Children's Medical Center where medical personnel found that he had bleeding in the brain after it shifted in addition to a fractured shoulder blade and bruising on the ear.

Crabtree initially told police and medics that she didn't know what happened. Later however, police discovered that Crabtree allegedly texted the mother and said that the boy fell down a few steps outside her home, but didn't think it was serious because he "barely cried."

When officers spoke with the boy's mother, she said he did not appear sick in any way before he was dropped off at Crabtree's home.

A doctor at Dell Children's told investigators that "a fall down three stairs would not account for the victim's constellation of injuries." The doctor said a short fall would not likely result in the child's brain to move off-center and that a shoulder fracture would require "high energy forces."

Crabtree is not in custody as of Thursday afternoon, according to online records with the Travis County Jail.