Although there are many rumors circulating about which city will win the $5 billion Amazon headquarters bid, they are all just rumors.

There have been no concrete reports or statements from Amazon, however, the e-commerce giant is said to make its final announcement in 2018 as to which city will host its second headquarters, dubbed "HQ2."

According to the Wall Street Journal, Austin ranks number 10 with Dallas being the number 1 city they think should win the HQ2 bid. A ranking by the Detroit Free Press ranks Austin sixth and has Atlanta in the top spot. The Free Press ranked the Journal's top pick of Dallas at 7th on their list, and the Wall Street Journal ranked Atlanta fourth. The only other city listed in either ranking was Houston, which was ranked 23rd by the Detroit Free Press. Of course, the rankings are conjecture as Amazon has neither confirmed nor denied any ranking thus far.

In October, Austin Mayor Steve Adler stated that Austin did in fact put in a bid as one of the cities to compete for the host city of HQ2. The new headquarters would bring an estimated 50,000 new jobs to the city that wins.