Hundreds of Texans got a healthy start Friday morning as they took part in the annual Texas Walks campaign presented by It’s Time Texas.

It’s Time Texas (ITT) is an Austin-based nonprofit organization that works to educate and activate healthier lifestyles for all Texans. This event is a health awareness and fundraising campaign that culminates with a 10-minute walk taking place at the same time and on the same day throughout the cities of Texas.

The ITT founder and CEO, Dr. Baker Harrell, led the walk this morning that took place at the south steps of the Texas State Capitol.

"We wanted to create an easy way for all Texans to demonstrate their commitment to health," Harrell said. "To take that first step, literally in leading a healthier lifestyle and contributing to a healthier state."

In About three months, the non-profit will put on its next big event across the state -- the 2018 Community Challenge Runs -- in which they ask different communities and cities to demonstrate how they are working to live their lives in a healthy way.