A group of Austinites from churches across the city traveled to Port Arthur to help Hurricane Harvey victims.

In a partnership with the Austin Disaster Relief Network, hundreds of people gathered outside the Mount Zion Baptist Church Saturday morning before boarding a bus to the hurricane-stricken city. Their mission: to help the coastal town rebuild.

For some volunteers, the mission was personal.

"It's important for me because it's my home. I have a love for Port Arthur, Texas," expressed Hazel McCullough. She added while thinking of the family that still lives there, it wasn't hard to get up early and make the trip.

But for others, like Consuella Caldwell, the thought of assisting other Texans in need sparked her interest.

"I wanted to join in on the bandwagon...it's important that I can play a part of it because I'm a helper and I want to be involved," Caldwell said.

After arriving, volunteers got straight to work with helping people in need. They spent the entire day handing out diapers, food and clothes.

Once the volunteers finished, both the Austin and Port Arthur pastors lead a citywide prayer. The volunteer day ended at 7 p.m. and they're expected to return to Austin at midnight.

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