"Man, we couldn't sleep knowing about the disaster going on," said Edward Reyes. "It reminded us of the Halloween flood in 2013."

Neighbors in Austin, like Edward Reyes, are gearing up to help Houstonians -- loading water, food, and a rescue boat thanks to a family in Kyle.

Reyes said he and others impacted by the 2013 floods in Central Texas organized this on Facebook.

"There's a group of us still from the flood that are still talking," said Reyes. "None of us could sleep. We were on Facebook. You hear the stories of ladies and babies."

They loaded up in the Academy parking lot on William Cannon.

Luis Ruiz and his friends, along with strangers volunteering their time, loaded an 18-wheeler with materials.

"It's basically going to be about six trailers, two vans and an 18-wheeler," said Ruiz. "That's going to be taking all this stuff to Houston."

About 75 life jackets are also on the way, provided by Colin's Hope -- an Austin non-profit that works to spread water safety awareness.

"I actually meant to inventory them," said Alissa Magrum, executive director of Colin's Hope. "I grabbed what we had, went to our partners at O'Neil pools, grabbed what they had, then just brought them."

About a dozen Austinites left Academy to Houston.

They say they plan to travel down Hwy. 290 and communicate through the Zello walkie-talkie app.

If you want to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey - donate HERE on Texas Cares.

Organizers of the caravan to Houston say if you want to volunteer in Houston, you can join their Facebook group :"AUSTIN TO HOUSTON #helphouston."