An Austin woman is getting ready to make the journey of a lifetime.

For the next year, Meshell Baker will be traveling across the country in a bus to motivate and help others. It's all part of her Dream Big Bus speaking tour.

Baker said she often asks people, "What would you do if you knew you wouldn't fail?"

"That question is an express route to being able to live a life that's so fulfilling you that will not even remember anything that hindered you or hurt you," Baker said. 

Baker knows from experience, she said after being incarcerated at the age of 20, she knows how it feels to fail firsthand. 

"It allowed me to understand that I wanted more," Baker said. "I didn't want my surrounding to dictate who I would be."

And after her release from prison, she became a motivational speaker and coach to share that message.

"I help people to find a clearly defined purpose and they do that and then they create a vision which is the mind's eye picture of where they want to go with their life," Baker said. 

She said it's something she wants to do for everyone, which is why she bought the "Big Dream Bus."

For the next year, she'll be stopping in cities across the country to motivate others and help them shape their future.

"It's a goal of hers to reach out to as many people as she possibly can so I hope it spreads to thousands," Baker's father said.

"We haven't seen half of what Meshell is going to do," Baker's mother said. 

"When you learn to be a gift and appreciate all that you have and all that you've experienced, everywhere that you go and everything that you do becomes absolutely amazing," Baker said.

She can't wait to get her motivation in motion.

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