An Austin woman is one of 27 people across the world being recognized for their YouTube pages.

Last month, Evelyn Ngugi was named a 2017 Creator for Change because of her ability to produce social commentary and change videos on her page "Evelyn From The Internets."

Her subject matter ranges from tough topics like police brutality to more lighthearted commentary, like a review of  Beyonce's Lemonade album. Her thoughts on the album even gained the superstar's attention and she played it during her Formation tour last summer.

After receiving the title, Ngugi was given a production grant and equipment. She said she will use the money and tools to keep doing what she's doing, but on a bigger scale.

"I'm finally able to hire my friends and people that I admire to create this important content,"  Ngugi said. "I'm very excited to get to work and start making content for this program. My goal this year is continue to create relationships with people around the world and spread positively and make people laugh."

Nugui said she doesn't need a red carpet to do an interview.  She prefers her living room which is the same place where she shoots, edits and uploads videos sent out to her nearly 100,000 subscribers.

"I call them my internet cousins,"  Ngugi said.

This summer she'll be hosting social impact camps with other YouTube Creators For Change in New York City and Mumbai.