Work is more than just a 9 to 5 in front of a computer for Jim Anderson.

Anderson is a program director with the non-profit Care Communities in Austin.

Someone fighting a serious illness like HIV or cancer will never be alone if he has his way.

It's the mission of the organization and it's been that way since its inception in 1991. But now the non-profit's support is dimmed.

"Everyone expected us to be around, we've been around for almost 26 years and now all of a sudden we won't be around anymore," Anderson said.

Care Communities Board of Directors decided to shut down the work this organization provides.

Care Communities provided practical support for around 80 people.

"It could anything from grocery shopping to animal care, to walking the dog, to taking care of the cat, yard work," Anderson said.

Anderson told KVUE they're not bringing in the funds to stay open. He believes it would take thousands of dollars for work to continue.

But in his eyes, you can't put a price on what Care Communities does for Central Texas.

"If there's any hope that we have is that we will keep the spirit of care communities alive, and who know what the future may hold we all believe in miracles at care communities and some day you may see a new iteration of this organization," Anderson said.

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