The holiday shopping season has arrived.

"It's a good time to get some of the shopping done before the holidays get busier," said shopper Georgiana Gross.

The National Retail Federation predicts 164,000,000 Americans will go shopping this weekend alone.

"We're on the move," laughed Marjorie Marsh who was out shopping with her family.

But not everyone was as excited to be out shopping Saturday morning.

"My wife made me come out," said Hari Kalyan.

"My wife's pulling me along and we're just walking around these unique shops," said Rick Rogers who was also shopping at the Domain.

Of course, the one thing you need to shop is money.

"Set a budget?" questioned Kalyan. "No. We don't have budgets."

But others do. Business strategy and consulting firm Accenture estimates the average American will spend $632 on holiday gifts.

"I could live with that," said Rogers.

Of course everything is bigger in Texas.

"I don't know, I might go a little over. I've got a lot of family," said Nicole King, who was out shopping.

Shoppers in Houston are expected to spend $668 on gifts while Dallas shoppers are predicted to spend $738.

"Well, our economy's good, thank God. You know, for now, and hopefully forever," laughed Georgiana Gross.

But Accenture estimates Austinites will spend significantly less at $465.

"Even better," said Rogers.

Some think it's because of the unique finds in Austin's small businesses.

"The smaller stores have their items cheaper," Rogers added. "Like, I just bought a candle and it was only $12.50 and it's a very unique candle with ... like a Jesus candle but it had George Strait's face on it. And I just ... I love that."

Others think the people of Austin are the reason shoppers are expected to spend less in the Capitol City.

"I think because Austin has so much depth and character and when you spend it means there's an emptiness you're trying to fill," said Kalyan.

Naturally, not everyone who lives in Austin agrees with that philosophy and a lot of shoppers told KVUE they will likely spend more.

"I'm a New Yorker. I'm an original New Yorker, ex-Vegas, so I'm used to spending," said Marsh.

"Giving back to our family during this time is sort of a tradition," said Gross.

"We spend some of our hard-earned cash on our family members just to say 'I love you,'" she added.

Accenture expects shoppers in New York City to spend the most money this holiday season at $825.