In recent months, three women have been attacked while jogging on or near Lady Bird Lake.

The latest attack happened yesterday morning near Lakeshore Drive. The attacker has not been caught.

Austin police have been adding patrols to the trail, but are also stressing personal safety and offering ways to stay safe on the trail.

Today, it appears people are heeding that warning. We caught up with Kassie Ericson mid-workout and noticed she's not wearing headphones.

"I don't like to because I like to know what's going on around me," she said. "That's one way I try to stay safe."

For weeks Austin police have been stressing safety measures like this following the attempted sexual assaults.

"Well I'm pretty shocked that it's happening on this trail," Hill said.

Hill runs the trail several times a week. She said she enjoys it because there are a lot of people out, which makes her feel safe.

"I guess I've had a false sense of security in a way because I actually run here for that very reason," she said. "I used to run on a more private trail."

Recently, Austin police have increased patrols on the trail and started their "Run With A Cop" program this morning.

Officers recommend always exercising with a buddy and if you do insist on wearing headphones, keep the volume low.

Also, know what you would do if you are attacked.

"Drop down and use your legs for arms," Hill said. "We can just pivot around, but now if someone slams you down and gets you unconscious, how are you going to help yourself then? I don't know."

That's why Austin police recommend always being aware of your surroundings. If you see something, give them a call and yell for help.