The three-day Austin Record Convention at the Palmers Events Center wrapped up, Sunday. Since 1981, the event has pulled waves of visitors, dealers, and collectors to share their love for the music culture.

From vinyls to cassettes, the convention caters to just about everyone's musical taste and format. Organizers say the event brings people from all over the world for the weekend, offering over a million different kinds of memorabilia.

Nathan Hanners, the man behind the operation, says over the last few years there has been a growth in demand with more young people getting involved.

"The sound is a different quality than the sound you can hear digitized, and it just feels like people like it because it allows them to make a stronger connection to the artists whose music resonates with them,” Hanners said. “"It's really touching people connect over music, people totally on the opposite corners of the world that's a whole other layer that makes this a great experience as an event.”

The event takes place twice a year, another is planned next May 19 and 20.