The Austin Police Association is pushing for officers with the Austin Police Department to be able to shoot into moving vehicles while they're on patrol.

Currently, the APD policy states that firing into a moving vehicle can only be attempted by units specially trained and equipped for the tactic. According to Austin Police Association President Ken Casaday, that typically means SWAT and not patrol officers.

Casaday feels the policy creates safety concerns.

"We cannot have officers second guessing things. What if there's a mass casualty call or someone runs over a large group of people? The department needs to back that officer.," Casaday said.

APD sent KVUE the following statement regarding the issue:

"There is also a provision in the policy that the Department does not restrict an officer's right to use deadly force when the driver of the vehicle uses it as a weapon against the officers or others."

Casaday expects Chief Brian Manley will change the policy within 2-3 weeks.

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