In a memorandum sent to the mayor and city council, the Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) has announced six possible locations to house a temporary homeless shelter.

According to PARD, the following facilities have been preliminarily identified for consideration:

1. Austin Recreation Center
2. Givens Recreation Center
3. Gus Garcia Recreation Center
4. Northwest Recreation Center
5. Parque Zaragoza Recreation Center
6. South Austin Recreation Center

Austin considering using city buildings as shelters for homeless downtown

According to the memo, PARD was assigned to lead the charge in determining which city-owned buildings would be most suitable to use as temporary emergency shelters. The memo said their research is being conducted by several city departments with special coordination from Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Austin Public Health and the Office of Real Estate Services.

The memo said that although none of these facilities currently meet all preset criteria or are available without impacting current operations, the six were named as preliminary recommendations based on criteria like physical building suitability, proximity to mass transit options and socioeconomic factors.

According to PARD, city staff will conduct further analysis in the next week including gathering additional site recommendations that may include non-city facilities, mapping site suggestions against point-in-time homeless population counts, and refining estimated costs associated with each site.