It's red, white and blue almost anywhere you look this weekend, but the residents in one Northwest Austin neighborhood are going all out. They're lining hundreds of American flags one next to another.

"I think it's great," Dave Williams said.

Dave and Jamie Williams are happy to call Clearock Drive in Balcones Village home.

"I've lived in this home for 30 some years now," Dave said.

For ten of those the Williams have been putting up American flags every Fourth of July.

"I'm putting them on both sides of the walkway," Jamie said.

Independence Day celebrates our country's freedom. It is something Dave, a proud U.S. Air Force veteran, has fought for his whole life.

"He's a military man down to his toes," Jamie said.

"I was a pilot in World War 2, the Korean War, the Vietnam War," Dave said.

Dave showed us some photos taken during his days in the military. One stands out in particular.

Dave met Janie at Louise Peppatone's lasagna party shortly after the photo he shows us was taken. The year was 1967 and Dave was stationed at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tuscon.

"I brought a date to a party and he brought a date to a party and we hooked up," Jamie said.

As they say, the rest was history. The two kept in touch while Dave completed tours in Vietnam.

"When he came back we got married," Jamie said. "We went to Vegas and got married and then told the family."

Life in the military meant the Williams were always on the go. They've lived in more than a dozen cities.

"We've been all over the world and then he retired," Jamie said.

When it came time to find a permanent home, Dave, a native Texan, settled on Austin.

"He wanted to go back to school to UT and get another degree," Jamie said.

Little did they know that the street they'd choose to live on would also become home to many other veterans.

"I just remembered all of the sudden they appeared," Jamie said.

It was out of respect for them that Catherine Johnson and her neighbors got an idea to put out flags every 4th of July.

"We make an effort to get them out there as soon as possible," Johnson said. "It's they least we can do for the veterans. It's an honorable thing to do for our country"

"So many times we forget that we are free because of these service guys," Jamie said. "They sacrificed everything and even death so it's just really awesome."

Dave and his fellow veterans said they couldn't be happier.

"They pop out and they say thank you," Johnson said.

"I'm proud of my country and I'm proud of the response from my neighbors," Dave said.

Dave's neighbors said they won't be stopping this tradition any time soon.